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Who we are


Chronic Dialysis Unit - Trigkas Nephros MON A.E.

Welcome to the new and most modern chronic dialysis unit TRIGKAS NEPHROS MON SA. A unit built with the quality and safety of hemodialysis patients in mind.

The unit is housed at 521 Korinthou Street & Voiriou Ipirou in Patras, in a newly built building of 1200 square meters and is the largest chronic dialysis unit in Western Greece.

  • Autonomous, with its own entrance, COVID room.
  • Two entrances with two ramps for the disabled.
  • Three lifts for fast, comfortable and safe movement of patients and staff.
  • Stretcher lift, fireproof, with all European safety standards.

The unit is equipped with the most complete, modern and luxurious medical and building equipment, without the slightest discount on anything used to create both the building and the unit.

It is located at a key point very easily accessible next to Venizelou Street (Eglykada exit of the perimeter road), as well as within walking distance from the center of Patras.

Τρίγκας Παναγιώτης

The scientific manager of the unit is Mr. Panagiotis Trigkas , a nephrologist, a graduate of the University of Patras, who together with Ms. Zioga Styliani, a nephrologist, a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, are the main team of doctors who is gradually staffed by other physicians of multiple specialties.

Our specialized staff has experience in dialysis, something that is already well known in the social group of kidney patients.

It has two entrances with two ramps for the disabled on Korinthou Street and Voriou Ipirou Street after a specific accessibility study and approval by the Board of the Municipality of Patras.

It is the only unit with three elevators for fast, comfortable and safe movement of patients and staff. One of them, a stretcher lift, fireproof, meeting all European safety standards.

It has an autonomous, with its own entrance, COVID room, so that all suspicious cases can be sorted, since in order to meet all the necessary protocols for COVID the condition is the timely and absolute isolation of all suspicious incidents.

The unit has two dialysis floors with 33 machines SURDIAL X the company's NIPRO state-of-the-art technology, all exclusively ON-LINE that were made exclusively for TRIGKAS NEPHROS MON SA and were sent from Kyoto, Japan.

At TRIGKAS NEPHROS there are no discounts on the quality of dialysis. Water and in particular ultra-pure water is essential for performing the dialysis session. For this reason, the unit has the most modern water treatment of the city network with ON-LINE reverse osmosis of the company TEMAK. It is a method, in which the ultra-purified water that is produced, passes directly to the patient without being stored, ie without stagnation. This ON-LINE process of producing pure water eliminates the risk of microbial infections that may develop in water production with classical osmosis, as can happen with older types of reverse osmosis. Besides, the unit has all the certifications of the company TEMAK after the sterile water cultivation.

In our unit the main concern is the quality dialysis, and the safety of the patient. Each patient has his own individual oxygen, which is regulated by a central supply system, as in large hospitals.

The comfort of patients undergoing dialysis is important, which is achieved with the largest dialysis chairs on the market and with beds not simply but beds used in the ICU with more motors than conventional dialysis beds, equipped with anatomical mattresses.

Patient entertainment is one of our priorities. The amenities are multiple, some of which are personal TV with stand-alone headphone from personal entertainment console and high speed internet. At the end of the session snack options and individual juice are offered.

TRIGKAS NEPHROS has a state-of-the-art Ford Transit ambulance, one of the most spacious and safe patient transport vehicles with all the necessary and redundant medical equipment, as well as an experienced rescue crew.

In TRIGKAS NEPHROS MON AE will be conducted scientific seminars and workshops with nephrological topics mainly. Our unit collaborates scientifically, with external collaborators doctors, nephrologists but also doctors of other specialties, private and university, as well as with private microbiological and radiological laboratories, fully covering the needs of kidney patients.

It is true that in the region of Achaia and the wider region, the name in nephrology and specifically in dialysis, was associated with the name of Konstantinos Trigas. He was a teacher, mentor and innovator for his time. For his son Panagiotis Trigas it was his compass. The staff of TRIGKAS NEPHROS grew up, was nurtured and taught next to him. It is also true that the area had and still has excellent nephrologists, both private and non-private, as well as excellent university professors. Steps have been taken all these years by everyone. Everyone deserves a lot of congratulations. Konstantinos Trigas had a vision. A new state-of-the-art hemodialysis unit in the area. This dream was realized by his son Panagiotis Trigas in the best way. We learn from the past, but we leave it behind. The future of nephrology came in the city of Patras. TRIGKAS NEPHROS is a reality.