The clinic is contracted with EOPYY, the services are free for the insured patients.


Aim of the NEPHROS Triga MON. AE , is to offer relief, comfort and hope to kidney patients. It achieves this with a set of benefits that cover all aspects related to the well-being and health of the patient.

Some of the benefits of the clinic are:
  • The clinic is contracted with EOPYY, the services are free for the insured patients.
  • Separate COVID room for control and isolation of suspicious incidents
  • Sterilization of machines after each shift.
  • Advanced water treatment system, with on-line osmosis.
  • Continuous cleaning and disinfection of all areas of the unit.
  • Individual oxygen supply.
  • Hemodialysis monitoring and recording software.
  • Strict antiseptic measures and catheter care and anastomotic puncture.
  • State-of-the-art equipment for cardiographs, defibrillators, electrolyte analyzers, etc.
  • Continuous monitoring by doctors of other specialties, such as cardiologists, vascular surgeons, etc.
  • Personal training during treatment.
Additional facilities:
  • Three elevators, one of which is a toll carrier for easy and fast movement of patients and staff.
  • Ambulance with rescue crew, for free transport of emergencies and difficult to move incidents.
  • Individual TV.
  • Beds and armchairs with electronic control system.
  • Air conditioning in dialysis rooms.
  • Special ramp for the disabled.
  • Regular and complete laboratory and radiological examination.
  • Complete pre-transplant examination.
  • Free Parking spaces.
  • Light meal at any dialysis.
  • Free diet and nutrition instructions for each individual.
  • Free internet.
  • Netflix

My vision came true. Trigkas NEPHROS MON. SA was created with the aim of offering top medical services in dialysis. The sole purpose is the safety and comfort of patients. It is the unit of ALL kidney patients. The future of nephrology has come to our city.

Trigkas Panagiotis - Nephrologist