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Danae Delivani, Stella Zioga Triga and Dora Karagiorga share their thoughts as mothers and share their scientific knowledge about the pandemic and children.

Should I give my child the vaccine? This is the most common question in the parents' classes since the vaccination platform for minors was launched, raising reasonable concerns, as children belong to the most sensitive age groups and thereby justifiably gather the attention and stress, especially of moms.

"How safe is it, what are the risks and what are the benefits?"

I have two children who are under five years old and therefore have not been vaccinated but if the platform for this age is opened I will proceed with their vaccination


I agree with the guidelines that all children over the age of five should be vaccinated. Mainly to protect the children themselves from the infection and its complications, so that they can continue their activities, go to school and see their friends. At the same time, the rest, perhaps the most vulnerable members of the family, are protected and thus a wall of immunity is created within the family and in society, which will allow the return to everyday life and will reduce the possibility of new mutations.

Studies have confirmed that vaccines are safe for children. Even if there are some side effects, they are mild, perhaps less severe than in adults. As a mother, of course, I was skeptical at first. Children are a sensitive age group for which we do not want to take any risks. However, studies are reassuring and confirm the safety of vaccines. We must not forget that although the majority of children with the disease will have a mild clinical expression, there is a small but real risk of the rare manifestation of the multisystemic inflammatory syndrome known as MIS-C, which can have serious consequences and also anxiety. the medical community the persistence of symptoms in sick children for many weeks (longcovid)

It is worth noting that vaccination offers a longer lasting and stronger immunity than natural disease. So even if the child has coronavirus disease, he should still proceed immediately to complete his vaccination. I have two children who are under five years old and therefore have not been vaccinated but if the platform for this age is opened I will proceed with their vaccination.

To any parent who is concerned, I would urge him to proceed with the vaccination of his child both for the safety of the child and for the wider social good. We believe that the risk of long-term complications is negligible as mRNA vaccines are destroyed by the body within a few hours, after giving the "signal" for the production of antibodies and therefore no component of the vaccine accumulates in the body.

When a child has been examined by a pediatrician and does not have a health problem, then he should be vaccinated, after obtaining approval from the doctor


Both as a scientist and as a mother, my attitude towards vaccination is positive. We can not ignore the fact that vaccines are scientifically proven to help pandemics. However, we see that a highly scientific issue is also given a political tone. This is unthinkable. People need to be vaccinated as increased vaccination coverage of adults, students and children in general will definitely reduce the spread of the virus. If this is done, we also reduce the possibility of it developing mutations. Vaccination helps us a lot.

Children with covid 19 generally go through it with mild symptoms, but they become carriers of the virus and transmit it. Rarely they can develop multisystemic inflammatory syndrome, a very serious condition in which inflammation occurs in various systems of the body, such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, digestive system, etc. As a mother of four children aged 5 to 11, I had the same phobias that every parent has when it comes to their child. You always think about the possibility of something bad happening. However, when he has been examined by a pediatrician and does not have a health problem, then he must be vaccinated, after obtaining the approval of the doctor.

In addition, studies are being done to vaccinate children 6 months of age and older (against covid-19) and vaccines will soon be available in younger age groups.

Beyond that I can not justify the denial of vaccination. After all, all children, from the moment they are born, have a vaccination program and are vaccinated according to the state health program. Vaccination is the only way to eradicate pandemics. It is the only weapon we have as prevention.

As a mother and as a doctor I never hesitated to vaccinate my children ...


About 100 years ago the life expectancy of humans was much lower than it is today. According to the World Health Organization, many factors have played a role, but the two most important are the access of more and more people to drinking water and the development and dissemination of vaccines.

Now very rarely we have death from smallpox, from rubella, from polio, from measles, while the vaccine for cervical cancer has brought revolution. In addition, they are based on clinical trials involving thousands of people, and are constantly evaluated for their safety and effectiveness. Of course there are a few people who oppose the vaccine for various reasons resulting in a few children being left unvaccinated. But these children are protected by the wall of immunity that has been built by the rest of the population. If there was measles now and the children died would they do the same? Maybe! However, as a mother and a doctor, I never hesitated to vaccinate my children for all the reasons I mentioned above.

Finally, as for the vaccines for SARS-COV-2, they were made quickly but not in a hurry and certainly many tests were done. Medicine is not based on luck and psychology, it is based on data and experiments on both vaccines and drugs. I did not doubt for a moment about the vaccination of myself and my children!