The clinic is contracted with EOPYY, the services are free for the insured patients.


It was organized on Wednesday, December 22

Proving in practice his love for his patients, the nephrologist Mr. Panagiotis Trigkas together with the also nephrologist - and his wife - Mrs. Stella Zioga, organized on Wednesday, December 22, a mini Christmas Eve party for the hemodialysis patients of the TRIGKAS NEPHROS clinic.

On Wednesday morning, all the patients who came to the clinic for their scheduled treatment, enjoyed the surprise organized by the administration staff of the clinic for them. Under the sounds of festive music and in an atmosphere of love and warmth from the medical and nursing staff, the patients got a first taste of Christmas, enjoying the savory and sweet festive delicacies ordered by "THE BOLD TYPE HOTEL". The atmosphere was very festive and the patients with their companions excited about the New Year - surprise.

This initiative is not only an original for a clinic, but proves once again the love of Mr. Panagiotis Trigkas for his patients, as well as his concern to constantly offer them a better standard of living, both medically and in terms of good psychology and overall support.